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Immigration and acculturation as social change processes in the United States: cross-cultural value conflict between home and school, and across generations.


Frontiers in Cultural Psychology:
Technology and Socialty in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood.

Patricia Greenfield, colleagues, and students at Shanghai Normal University. On September 28, 2019, Greenfield gave a keynote presentation at an Academic Forum on Social Change and Student Development.

It was entitled “Social Change, Cultural Values, and Human Development in China and the United States: Theoretical Framework and Mixed-Method Research.”

Kay Lee, undergraduate research assistant in the Greenfield laboratory, at the Stanford PURC conference.

On August 14, 2010, Patricia Greenfield received the 2010 Urie Bronfenbrenner Award for Lifetime Contribution to Developmental Psychology in the Service of Science and Society from American Psychological Association, Division 7 (Developmental Psychology).  Her award address was titled “Bridging cultures for Latino immigrant adolescents, parents, and schools: From research to practice to intervention.”  The award and the address took place at 4:00 PM, Saturday, August 14, at the San Diego Marriott Hotel, Marriott Salon 6.

Greenfield gave a workshop on Social Change and Human Development at the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development meeting in Lusaka, Zambia in July 2010.

Heejung Park, Jenna Joo, Patricia Greenfield, and Blanca Quiroz presented at the SPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) Cultural-Psychology Pre-Conference on January 28, 2010.  The title to the poster presented was “The role of urbanization and immigration in children’s cultural values.”

Patricia Greenfield and Heejung Park at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2010.

On October 29, 2009, Greenfield presented the inaugural lecture at the Second International Colloquium on Migration Studies at Veracruz University, Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, organized by Dr. Camilo Garcia, Director of the Laboratory of Social Interaction at Veracruz University.  Her lecture was entitled “The Theory of Social Change and Human Development” and was presented in Spanish.

The Encultured Brain Conference October 8, 2009, Notre Dame.  Patricia Greenfield presented a keynote address entitled “Mirror Neurons and the Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Cultural Processes.”

Patricia Greenfield gave an invited lecture at the 31st Annual Symposium of the Association of Scientific Psychology in the French Language in Tunis, Tunisia, September 24-25, 2009.   This was the first time the Association has met in Africa.  Greenfield’s lecture was entitled Culture and Development:  The effects of Social Change.  She presented it in French under the title “Culture et Developpement.  Les effets du changement social.”

Photo taken at the Tunis symposium.  On the far right is Bertrand Troadec, University de Toulouse-Le Mirail, France, one of the two scientific organizers of the symposium.  Next to him is invited lecturer, Benaissa Zarhbouch, Faculté de Lettres et Sciences Humaines Dhar el Mahraz, Fés, Morocco.  Greenfield is second to left; the person on the far left is a symposium participant, name unknown.

Greenfield presented an invited address entitled “Linking Social Change and Development” for Division 1 (General Psychology) of the American Psychological Association at the APA Convention in Toronto on August 8, 2009. She also participated in the Data Blitz of the APA Science Student Council; her two-slide, two minute presentation was entitled “Adolescents and the Internet: Snooping and Stalking on MySpace.”

Greenfield and Subrahmanyam participated in the Media Multitasking Seminar, Stanford University.