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Research on cross-cultural value experienced by first-generation Latino college students:

Cienfuegos, Vasquez-Salgado,

Ruedas-Gracia, and Greenfield(2015). Disparate Cultural Values and Modes of Conflict Resolution in Peer Relations: The Experience of Latino First-Generation College Students.

Vasquez-Salgado, Greenfield, Burgos-Cienfuegos (2015). Exploring Home-School Value Conflicts: Implications for Academic Achievement and Well-Being Among Latino First-Generation College Students.

Click here to check out an article from the New York Times!  It cites a study by Park, H. Twenge, J.W. and Greenfield, P.  on Youth attitudes shift in the Great Depression. 

Greenfield, P.M. (2013).  The changing psychology of culture from 1800 through 2000.  Psychological Science.

Listen to her comments related to the article on NPR.  The title: As we become richer, do we become stingier?  

Also listen to her comments related to the article on KCRW.  (Note:  Click listen - it starts at 33:39)   

Park, H., Twenge, J.M., Greenfield, P.M. (2013).  The great recession:  Implications for Adolescent Values and Behavior.  Social Psychology and Personality Science. 

Five days at outdoor education camp without screens improves preteen skills with nonverbal emotion cues.  By Yalda T. Uhls, Minas Michikyan, Jordan Morris, Debra Garcia, Gary W. Small, Eleni Zgourou, & Patricia M. Greenfield.  Computers in Human Behavior, 2014.

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BBC News Interview - Technology ‘rewires’ our brains


Patricia Greenfield has won the 2010 J. Author Woodward excellence in mentoring award from the UCLA Psychology Department! 


Our research explores how values, behavior and cognition are shaped by societies.  Our cross cultural studies in Chiapas, Mexico, South Korea and Burma, Myanmar have investigated cognitive development within a changing social ecology that include variables such as urbanization, education and commercialization.  We examine the relationship between intergenerational continuity of learning, innovation and cognitive development on the individual level. 

As developmental psychologists we also explore virtual worlds to understand the implications of this newest context for development and the implications it may have on a social dimension.  Encompassing the broad areas of cognitive and social development, our topics have included sexual and racial discourse in online chat rooms and bulletin boards, online social peer interactions, television as a social agent, and policy pieces focusing on the internet, particularly in the pornography area. 

Under a developmental perspective our research interests have extended out to other avenues some of which include Primatology studies, language aquisition and gender studies.  We invite you to check out our links and pages for more information on these and other topics in our lab. 

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Patricia M. Greenfield

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By Patricia Greenfield